Welcome to Imperial's Communication Channel

Our Code of Conduct

    Within the scope of the Crime Prevention Policy, and in accordance with the provisions of Imperial's Code of Ethics, infractions of the same or any legislation that have criminal relevance, which are witnessed or of which we are aware, and which have been committed by Agency professionals in the course of carrying out their activities or whenever the Agency may be related, especially if such conduct could constitute a crime. The complaint will be received by Imperial's Compliance Committee (CC), which will register it together with the accompanying documentation, and will adopt appropriate measures, guaranteeing confidentiality at all times. In accordance with what is established in Imperial's Code of Ethics, it is stated that no reprisals will be taken against the complainant for having filed a complaint, however, it is warned that they must refrain from submitting false complaints made in bad faith.


The reception and processing of reports will be carried out in a completely secure and confidential manner, with the aim of avoiding irregular conduct and in compliance with current legislation, in particular Law 2/2023, of February 20, which regulates the protection of people to report regulatory and anti-corruption infractions. Likewise, the personal data of the people involved will always be protected in terms of data protection.

Integrity and responsibility

Integrity in carrying out Imperial's activities is the responsibility of all Imperial professionals and all third parties (clients, suppliers, etc.) who collaborate with the Agency. If you are aware of any irregular conduct, or that could be considered as such, it is your duty to report it through this channel.


These measures respond to Imperial's desire to deepen a corporate culture of regulatory respect and derive from the requirements established in the Penal Code for organizational and management models in matters of criminal prevention of legal entities.